Movies Lightheartedness and Seriousness.

What's wrong with mainstream Movies (and series) nowadays?

They are so serious, it's tension and things going bad bad bad, perpeptually.
Sure, there's some moments "comic relief", but overall, it's a marathon of tense serious situations. Do we need more tension in our life? As a kid I got explained to me that life is generally dull - and movies, entertainment, are there to spice it up. Well, ask anybody today, "do you have a dull life?" - and "heck, no I'm stressed as fuck" would be the most probable answer now. So how about soothing movies instead for the masses? Oh right, there used to be a genre called "feel good" but I don't know it it's being used or is it even working anymore? Not as good as pet videos on Youtube I bet. 

Anyway, what actually sparked me to write something was a simple observation I made when I was watching this this bloopers reel of Wonder Woman

So much giddiness! They're having fun and being lighthearted! Why is this not in the movie? And the same goes for so many other movies. Why do we cut together 120 Minutes of contrived seriousness, and leave out the giddy bits?? Sure, it would break the drama if the cast is just having fun fun fun all the time. But - write a movie about that then!   

Life isn't really and shouldn't be serious strenuous business all the time! Why do they work hard to portray it as such? It's a distillate that isn't even representative of what most people's life is like. Heck, people have created benevolent solutions to problems and relationships, does that even happen in movies ever? I don't mean that the villain is dead. 

Older movies also had bloopers reel at the ending. I don't know of this being done anymore, is it? In the past, movies let you know it was entertainment, and lightened you with some outtakes of mistakes at the end... Nowadays, they probably don't want to break the state of emotional chock that you are in: the more trauma the better - that way you need to come back for more. That is probably another blog post just on itself.... 

This meme captures it:



Some movies I do like: Tropic Thunder, Super 8. (the Dad does actual forgiveness, holy shit!)
I am number 4, cheesy B movie - love it... Still has the serioussness, I just can't take it serious...


I'm so damn proud of it, because I didn't have to use any references, just painted. Could have made the funny thing more visible, but next time... "nix" is slang for "No" in swedish.