About me


About me

I'm a Swedish born creator. I used to build and make things all the time, but since high school I got enthralled with concept art, and began focusing on that, just illustrating things. 

I got the chance to move to Germany and ended up spending 7 years there, working with different studios and people. As a red-thread, I worked on bigger games that needed lots of world-building - just my thing. 

The last couple of years I've also learnt Unreal Engine for the fun of it. It's kind of going back to my roots of making things and playing/experimenting with them, albeit in the digital world instead.

In an ideal case my art would tell you a lot more about me than I could write, but I don't feel like I've let it do that yet. 


My forte is inspired simplicity in design, or some element of groundedness, as if things were real or could be in this world.  

I'm glad for every time I've been able to contribute with my specialty to a project. 

2017-12-10 10.46.17.jpg


A little timeline over my whereabouts and the projects I've worked the most on. 





Moved back to Sweden








Moved to Berlin






Moved to Frankfurt








I Am Mother (Movie)

Went Freelance 2nd time



Rage 2



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare



HORIZON: Zero Dawn


KILLZONE 4: Shadow Fall


Crysis 3



Crysis 2




Illustrator in Sweden