Video game (2015)

" As space colonization grew, the nations of the world formed the United Nation Space Alliance (UNSA), to govern space travel, commerce and trade. Not everyone was happy with the arrangement however... "

In 2015 Mike Hill asked me to join him in helping out Infinity Ward to design their very ambitious military space game. We worked almost only in 3D and iterated a lot, showing designs from all angles. In retrospect I wished I'd taken more time to paint out fewer - but more finished concepts.


The UNSA Retribution ship, their flagship destroyer. This is from it's interior. And the first image I produced that hit the nail.

An exposed elevator and more corridors.

Dropship (Interior)

The Settlement Defense Front (SDF) is a group of brutal and militant radicals, that broke of from UNSA in a war for independency. They are your chief enemy, and their design should reflect their opposing ethics and convictions. This is the commanding bridge on their main destroyer.

The corridors of a large SDF space reactor facility.
Dormitories for the SDF crew.
The front is milled metal. Wanted to make it feel inexpensive, but still offer function. So instead of a "glowing keypad" on each locker, you just scrub your “ID” on the front to (un)lock.
This is the armory, a big facility handling ammo.

The SDF elevator on mars. The pillars anchor the tension from the cables reaching out into orbit. The early version (bottom) had a more flat profile.

A prop from a research lab.